Web development

Creation of custom-made websites

Marketing strategy emphasises the need to create a modern website like vivreplus.fr to get better visibility.

Web design and ergonomics

Web design and ergonomics

When creating a website or redesigning a website, it is crucial to go through the question of ergonomic design.

Logo and graphic charter

Logo and graphic charter

All the graphic elements (typography, colours, etc.) and rules related to your web project are included in the graphic charter.

Web development
Web agency

Web agency

How to choose a web agency?

To find a communication agency specialised in website creation and mobile development, you must be attentive to the needs of your structure. To get an idea of what is at stake in the creation of a website, it is possible to get in touch with a specialised or generalist agency. When making your comparison, it would be better to make a pre-selection.

The web agency must be able to offer you a graphic design adapted to all your targets. For reliable results, it will carry out studies to better understand the market issues. On the internet, you can find offers without having to go anywhere. The web design agency can help you with the creation of a logo. Web technologies will be valued.

The right agency must be able to manage your company’s visual communication, social media strategy and content strategy.


A website adapted to your activity

The choice of your website must be made with care. It must be in line with your professional activity to guarantee the desired results.



It may be tempting to indulge in mobile application creation and mobile development for better customer approaches.



To present your products and services, it is recommended to create a showcase site. It is also possible to create a catalogue site.



If you have an event planned, it is advisable to create a specific site. The corporate site can ensure the internal communication of a company.

Web marketing strategy

Web marketing strategy

Developing an effective web marketing strategy

Content Marketing

Content strategy and SEO play a key role in driving traffic to your website.

Influencer marketing

Using a digital influencer is an alternative to maximise your sales.

Marketing Automation

This is a way to automate the most complex tasks within the organisation.

E-mail marketing

This is a direct marketing approach that emphasises the sending of e-mails.


Web Solutions

Internet Hosting, Cloud and Dedicated Servers

When choosing your hosting, you should focus on the long term. It is possible to limit yourself to shared hosting. In this case, you will not need a large storage space. You can also opt for dedicated hosting. You will have your own operating system.

Dedicated servers can guarantee you scalability. On Cloud, you will enjoy a certain level of flexibility and scalability.

Natural referencing

Optimize the SEO of your page

International SEO and multilingual sites

Optimisation actions in multilingual sites favour the positioning of your website on search engines. You can have an increased visibility internationally thanks to international SEO techniques.

SMO and social media campaign

Social Media Optimization or SMO puts forward methods to capture the attention of Internet users. This strategy involves the use of social media. The distribution of your content will thus be maximised on a regular basis.